New details emerge on Bono’s grisly injuries after biking accident

A fracture to his left elbow left it in six pieces.

New details emerged Wednesday of Bono’s horrific bike injury over the weekend.

The U2 frontman was critically injured when he got into a “high-energy” accident, swerving to avoid another cyclist while riding in the city on Sunday, said Dr. Dean Lorich, an orthopedic trauma surgeon for New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center and Hospital for Special Surgery.

Bono, 54, suffered several grisly injuries: a left facial fracture to the orbit of his eye, a fracture to his left elbow that drove the bone through his skin and left it in six separate pieces, and a fracture to his left shoulder blade, leaving it in 3 separate pieces.

“He was taken to the operating room for a 5-hour surgery Sunday evening, where his elbow was washed out and debrided; a nerve trapped in the break was moved; and the bone was repaired with 3 metal plates and 18 screws,” Dr. Lorich said in a statement. “He will require intensive and progressive therapy, however a full recovery is expected.”

On Monday, Bono underwent a second surgery on his left hand to repair a fracture of his pinky finger, he said.

U2 was scheduled to appear on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” this week, but had to cancel the performance after the accident.

Fallon tweeted his wishes for the lead singer’s recovery on Monday.

“No @U2 this week,” he wrote. “But we’ll think of something and send vibes to Bono for a speedy recovery.”

Alison Fox