Brooke Shields teases ‘Law & Order: SVU’ return at clothing line preview party

“Well, they didn’t kill me … ”

Brooke Shields, who appeared as the biological grandmother of Lt. Olivia Benson’s adopted son on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” will apparently be back on the crime drama series soon.

The last time we saw Shields, aka Sheila Porter, she was arrested for kidnapping her own grandchild in a twisted turn of events that left Benson (Mariska Hargitay) frantically searching for her missing child. But it could have been worse, Shields said.

“Well, they didn’t kill me,” she said Wednesday during a cocktail party at the Beekman Hotel where she previewed her new QVC collection, Brooke Shields Timeless. “There could’ve been that or an insane asylum, but they were happy with the relationship and the ratings.”

As for her return to the show? “OK, so Noah’s got to miss me, he needs to see his grandmother.”

The actress, 52, joked about playing a grandma on the series, too. “It was funny because Mariska and I are the same age, so the first day I went on set, I brought a walker and I was like, ‘Thanks a lot, Mariska.’ ”

The acting gig didn’t slow Shields down from launching her new collection, though. The model, actress, author and now designer exuded elegance in a slim black pencil skirt ($45) and a chiffon tank with a multi-strand chain ($56.75) both from her line. Happily demonstrating how to remove the chain, she said, “Look it just detaches like this,” she said. “You can take it off if you want to wash the top or if you just feel like wearing a plain tank.”

The collection, which ranges in price from $24 – $110, includes tailored blazers, skirts, printed scarves, crisp button-down shirts, slim pants and some jewelry. Sizes range from XS – 3X, and there are even “tall” sizes.

“They asked me how I felt about it and I was like, that’s good with me,” says Shields, who is 6 feet tall. A select portion of the collection will debut on QVC, Thursday, Feb. 15, at 7 p.m., while the full collection is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, March 14 at 11 p.m.

She recently did a mock episode for QVC to test her skills and she said, “They were like ‘oh you’re fine, we’re not worried about you at all. I’ve hosted so many shows where they’re constantly talking in your ear, you’re looking at the camera, holding up a book … it’s multifaceted and I love the challenge. It’s like being in an oral AP or college course and just going for it.”

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