Charli XCX more than just a guest star

Before there was “I Love It,” before there was “Fancy,” there was Charli XCX.

The British singer-songwriter exploded into American pop culture consciousness as a collaborator, first with Icona Pop on its 2012 smash and then with Iggy Azalea on the inescapable song of the summer.

But with her single “Boom Clap” getting major radio play and a new album set for a December release, the artist is in the process now of making sure she’s more than just chart-topping guest appearances.

amNewYork caught up with Charli XCX to talk recording, live performing and collaboration.


You recorded your upcoming album, ‘Sucker,’ after already making a name for yourself. What kind of expectations did you feel going into the studio?

I love being in the studio. It’s one of the best parts of what I do. So it wasn’t scary. I just felt like I had a really creative year and I wanted to get ideas out. I’m really excited to get this record out. I think some people are going to hate it, and I think some people are going to love it. But that’s what makes good records. I’d rather have a record that’s a split decision than one that was just average. I’m not scared.


How does your songwriting approach change when working with a collaborator?

I never really adapt to anyone else’s style. When it comes to writing with other people, I work with people who like what I do, so I don’t have to change. I’m not really like a ‘professional’ songwriter, writing formulaic stuff for anyone. I have to really like the artist, and then I just show up and do me.


You sang the hook to Billboard’s ‘song of the summer’ — Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy.’ Who would you want singing on one of your songs?

Is it really cocky and aggressive to say no one? [laughs] I want to do it myself. There are other people I’d like to collaborate with, sure, but I’m not dying to get anyone to sing my hooks for me.



If you go: Charli XCX is at Webster Hall Tuesday at 8 p.m., 125 E. 11th St., 212-353-1600, $22.

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