Christie Brinkley: How ex-husband Billy Joel and I make it work

Regardless of her age, Christie Brinkley’s stunning looks and seemingly flawless body turn heads. But considering she’s 61, it’s even more of a head-scratcher.

So it comes as no surprise that her new book is called “Timeless Beauty.” But the title is not quite as self-congratulatory as one might think.

“I did not title the book,” she tells amNewYork in an exclusive interview at SiriusXM’s midtown Manhattan studios, where she was interviewed by the “Today Show’s Hoda Kotb on Nov. 12, as part of SiriusXM’s “Leading Ladies” series. “My book company did that, but I went along with that because the one thing that unites us all is that we are timeless. In that we are all juggling a million things on our plate.”

She adds, “None of us have enough hours in the day. So my book gives shortcuts: everything from recipes to makeup to hair tips to get you into the world. Because my theory is we should all try and leave the world a better place. And it’s easier to change the world on a good-hair day.”

But when asked if she is indeed a “timeless beauty,” she says, laughing, “Oh I’ll take it, sure.”

Brinkley also isn’t shy about her harmonious relationship with Billy Joel, whom she was married to from 1985 to 1994. So how do they make it work?

“Billy and I have an amazing daughter together, Alexa, and we knew it would bind us forever and even though we decided we couldn’t live with each other, we wanted to still be friends and make that work and to be able to co-parent and do all that. At no time did either of us say anything bad about each other and so that’s a good climate for friendship.”

Something else Brinkley, who lives in the Hamptons, speaks favorably of? Manhattan.

“Starting with the energy, I love it,” she tells amNewYork. “I love the fact that you never know who are you going to bump into. The city is full of people who are here to realize their dreams and make things happen, and everybody’s got stuff going on and you can go to Broadway, and I just saw ‘Hamilton,’ and I was so excited by the experience. Where else can you to see great plays like that, and great museums, and just bustling streets and just fabulous food. So many great restaurants. I just love New York.”