Colbert to host live ‘Late Show’ after Trump’s address to Congress

“Like @nytimes, The Late Show also has a powerful new ad out…”

President Donald Trump is set to address Congress on Tuesday night, and Stephen Colbert already knows the speech will leave him with plenty to discuss.

Shortly after the president discloses his plans for the year, Colbert will be taking his “Late Show” live at 11:35 p.m. on CBS. Lisa Kudrow and former White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest are slated to appear as guests.

To promote the big broadcast, the “Late Show” released its own version of the New York Times commercial that aired during the Academy Awards on Sunday. (You know, the one that Trump bashed on Twitter, claiming it was a move by the paper to help “save its failing reputation.”)

“Like @nytimes, The Late Show also has a powerful new ad out…” the “Late Show” tweeted on Monday alongside the 32-second video clip promoting his live show titled, “The Late Show’s New Ad Campaign.”

The Times ad took aim at finding and reporting the truth in a series of one-liners. Colbert’s focus is also pretty direct.

A few of the statements that appear: “Trump is a bully. Trump is unstoppable. Trump is America’s gullible uncle.”

Colbert, of course, sneaked some humor in.

“Trump is saving jobs, ” one statement read, before “in late night comedy” faded in.

Trump’s 9 p.m. speech in the chamber of the House of Representatives gives him the chance to potentially discuss health care and defense spending. According to White House spokesman Sean Spicer, the speech will focus on “the renewal of the American spirit.”

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