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‘Sex and the City’ characters that could be in Cynthia Nixon’s gubernatorial cabinet

Cynthia Nixon announced she’s running for governor of New York, and if she were to win, she’d need to build a cabinet around her.

And we’re here to help. Here are our picks for her support staff:

Carrie Bradshaw Chief of Staff

Bradshaw’s perpetual state of wonder and ability to analyze situations would serve her well as chief of staff. Because, let’s face it: governing is like a roller coaster, balancing the ups and downs with the crazy curves thrown at you. So, if we’re all just riding the roller coaster of life, how do legislators stay in their seats and throw their hands up at the same time? Is Albany the new hot theme park?

Charlotte York-Goldenblatt Secretary to the Governor

As the most conservative member of Miranda’s confidants, Charlotte tends to see the best in people which, combined with her proclivity for optimism, would make her a solid right-hand woman. She’s a loyal friend, which would serve her well in balancing Nixon’s obligations. And as a bonus: Charlotte could always bring some matzo ball soup as comfort food.

John Preston, aka “Mr. Big” Director of State Operations

Big is a tycoon who would be adept at managing anything that’s thrown at him, from logistical nightmares to the intricacies of state agencies.

Harry Goldenblatt Counselor to the Governor

Harry’s keen legal mind and endless patience will serve him well in this position. He may be brash — ahem, sitting naked on white furniture — but his kind heart and ability to calm even the most tense situations would make him ideal for this role.

Steve Brady Budget Director

Steve is an adept businessman, opening and running a successful bar. He’s even-keeled and able to look at the big picture, never rash to make a decision. Plus, he would have Nixon’s best interests at heart, as he always has.

Samantha Jones Director of Communications

Samantha is confident, a born fighter and knows just about everyone in this town. As a natural PR woman who spent years honing her craft, Samantha would seamlessly juggle reporters, help get Nixon’s message out and plan the best parties to celebrate victories.

Aidan Shaw Chairman of Energy and Finance

Aidan knows the importance of preserving the earth. He doesn’t do air conditioning in his rustic cabin, he works with his hands and has a propensity to look like he popped right out of an L.L. Bean catalog.

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