Dennis Quaid caught losing his temper on film set

A 43-second video showed Quaid going berserk, cursing and screaming.

UPDATE: Turns out, as many suspected, that insane Dennis Quaid video was all a stunt. Quaid’s tyrade was a “Funny Or Die” prank.

“After days of speculation, the truth about Dennis Quaid’s on-set meltdown is finally revealed,” Funny or Die tweeted.

The full video reveals that it was all staged.


Some may prefer to remember Dennis Quaid as Lindsay Lohan’s charming, handsome dad in ‘The Parent Trap.’

Not this guy.

In an insane YouTube video that quickly went viral, Quaid, 61, completely loses it on an unknown film set, speculated to be his upcoming film “Truth.”

But it’s looking like the whole thing is a stunt.

Quaid was in New York City yesterday, and when a photographer asked him about the clip, he simply smiled.

The 43-second clip features Quaid going berserk, cursing and screaming and comparing the cast and crew members to “zombies” and “garbage.”

“I am doing my job here,” Quaid screams in the clip. “I’m a pro, this is the most unprofessional set I have ever been on.”

Many viewers were initially skeptical of the authenticity of the video, calling it a Jimmy Kimmel-like prank or hoax.

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