Drake breaks a record held by The Beatles for more that 50 years

There’s a good nine weeks until the end of the year, but when it comes to the Billboard chart, 2018 belongs to Drake. The Canadian rapper has claimed an impressive feat held by The Beatles for over 50 years: Most top 10 hits in a calendar year. 

With classics like "Love Me Do," "A Hard Day’s Night" and "Can’t Buy Me Love," the fab four dominated the 1964 charts, with 11 singles making the top 10. 

But Drizzy’s taken things one step further — and the year’s not yet done. Billboard has revealed the 31-year-old has now had a dozen 2018 top 10 hits, most recently "MIA," a Bad Bunny single on which the rapper features. It’s featured tracks that seem to have nudged Drake into the history books — other hits to make his list include "Look Alive," by  BlocBoy JB and Migo’s "Walk It Talk It."  

And there’s a particularly glaring difference between Drake’s list and that of the Brit rockers — the number of hits that climbed right to the top. 

While Drake’s scored three number 1’s this year, the Beatles hold on to the record of most number 1’s in a calendar year, with six singles topping the charts in ’64.

Drake’s top 10 hits of 2018

No. 1  "God’s Plan" 

No. 1 "Nice for What"

No. 1 "In My Feelings"

No. 2 "Nonstop"

No. 5 "Look Alive" (BlocBoy JB feat. Drake)

No. 5  "MIA" (Bad Bunny feat. Drake)

No. 6 "Yes Indeed" (Lil Baby & Drake)

No. 7 "Diplomatic Immunity"

No. 7 "I’m Upset"

No. 8 "Emotionless" 

No. 9 "Don’t Matter to Me" (Drake feat. Michael Jackson)

No. 10 "Walk It Talk It" (Migos feat. Drake)

The Beatles top 10 hits of 1964

No. 1  "I Want to Hold Your Hand" 

No. 1  "She Loves You" 

No. 1 "Can’t Buy Me Love" 

No. 1  "A Hard Day’s Night" 

No. 1 "I Feel Fine" 

No. 1  "Love Me Do"

No. 2 "Twist and Shout" 

No. 2 "Do You Want to Know a Secret" 

No. 3, "Please Please Me" 

No. 4 "She’s a Woman" 

No. 10 "P.S. I Love You"