Evan Jonigkeit of ‘Mildred and the Dying Parlor’ talks NYC, Zosia Mamet and the Tribeca film fest

The actor stars in “Mildred and the Dying Parlor,” premiering at Tribeca.

Evan Jonigkeit stars in the Tribeca Film Festival short “Mildred and the Dying Parlor,” which premieres Friday. We asked the actor about NYC and the festival, and we even learned a little something about Jonigkeit’s co-star (and girlfriend), Zosia Mamet. 

What does the Tribeca Film Festival mean to you?

For me this festival is indicative of New Yorkers’ resilience. The fact that its inaugural season was in direct response to 9/11, the greatest American and New York tragedy in recent history, shows how special New Yorkers are as a community. 

Has New York City inspired your work in any way? 

New York forces you to face yourself. Every time we walk out the door we either get swallowed up by the energy of this place or we ride it, and keep ourselves focused. That has undoubtedly informed my work. As an actor it makes you embrace the people around you or across from you on set and, as a producer, it forces you to keep your nose to the grindstone, because you know someone else out there is working just as hard as you. 

What’s your favorite restaurant in NYC?

Rubirosa [235 Mulberry St.] is the restaurant that Zosia and I would frequent when we first started dating. It holds a special place in our hearts. 

Yellow cab, Uber or subway?


Why should Tribeca audiences see your film/project?

It’s fun, quirky, imaginative and has a great cast. Steve Buscemi, Jane Krakowski, Zosia Mamet and, coming in a strong last place in the talent portion of the film, yours truly. 

amNY.com staff