Governors Ball co-founder Jordan Wolowitz talks 2016 lineup

amNewYork talked with Jordan Wolowitz, co-founder and partner at Founders Entertainment, in early May about this year’s lineup and the festival landscape.

Is NewYork big enough for two music festivals or will there eventually have to be one winner?

The question posed that way is of no interest to me. I just look at Governors Ball as Governors Ball. It’s New York City’s premier music festival … We’re on pace to have our quickest sellout ever. The people have spoken. [As for] anybody else that comes in and does a festival, it’s a free country.

Many of your top acts this year are returning to Governors Ball. How do you balance between something new and bringing back old favorites?

Kanye West has his first album out in three years. This is going to be his first live performance of it anywhere except Indonesia. He’s one of the biggest and most important artists in the world. For him to be debuting his new production and his new show at Gov Ball is a pretty big deal. The Killers haven’t played New York City in three years, so them coming back will be awesome. … If you look at festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza, or any music festival that’s been around a while, the same really awesome acts will come back every few years.

Which up and coming acts are you excited about?

Christine and the Queens. … She’s an incredible live performer and dancer and singer-songwriter. She’s done a handful of shows in New York, but nowhere too big, so I don’t think too many people have seen her. She is one who will blow people away.