How to get Hamilton tickets: #Ham4Ham returns to Broadway

Lin-Manuel Miranda is non stop. 

Bundled up on a chilly April day outside the Richard Rodgers Theatre, the “Hamilton” creator announced the revival of #Ham4Ham, a daily live lottery.   

Speaking through laryngitis, Miranda announced that “miracles” have brought back the live #Ham4Ham show, which ended in January.

“We love the online lotto, it’s brought such a diverse group of people … not just the people who can hang out in Times Square for half an hour,” Miranda said in front of the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Wednesday afternoon.

To bring some of the New York experience back to the “Hamilton” ticket lottery, the show will host a live #Ham4Ham show for Wednesday matinee tickets and continue an online lottery for the other seven weekly shows. 

Celebrating the return of #Ham4Ham, Mayor Bill de Blasio made a guest appearance, giving Miranda a cup of tea as “a public service.” He also promised Miranda a lifetime of free tea for electrifying New York with “Hamilton.” De Blasio also announced that 20,000 public school kids will see the show and “see a democracy that’s about everyone.”

“‘Hamilton’ makes every New Yorker proud,” de Blasio said. 

In Spanish, as requested by Miranda, de Blasio called the production “Un increíble obra de arte.”

$10 tickets for Hamilton are available to digital lottery winners at https://hamiltonlottery.broadwaydirect.com/show/hamilton/ and live winners before Wednesday’s 2 p.m. matinees.