‘In the Heights’ auditioning Latino background actors this weekend in NYC

Up-and-coming Latino actors will have their shot this weekend to be part of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s big screen adaptation of "In the Heights," which is slated to hit theaters next year.

Grant Wilfley Casting announced it will have an open casting call on June 1 for actors to fill the roles of background Latino neighbors of Washington Heights. The auditions will take place at 269 Wadsworth Ave. between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., and non-Screen Actors Guild members are allowed to take part in the call, according to the listing.

Grant Wilfley Casting also listed openings for extras for specific scenes including "Latinos in bathing suits at the pool," "Latino club goers dancing salsa," "Latino and African American basketball players," and "Latino and African American soccer players."

Miranda wrote and starred in "In The Heights" on Broadway in 2008, and based it on his experiences growing up in Washington Heights in the 80s and 90s. The story centers around bodega owner Usnavi de la Vega and his neighbors. 

The musical went on to win several Tony Awards in 2008, including Best Musical and Best Original Score. The movie version will film in Washington Heights and other locations around the city between June and September, according to Grant Wilfley Casting.

Miranda will serve as producer to the film, but won’t reprise his stage role for the big screen rendition. Brooklyn native Anthony Ramos will play Usnavi, and will be joined by such prominent Latino actors as Stephanie Beatriz, Melissa Barrera and Jimmy Smits.