Jenny Slate and Nick Kroll talk ‘My Blind Brother’ love triangle, more

The cast from “My Blind Brother” may read like a “Parks and Recreation” mini-reunion, but the vibe of the comedy-drama carries much more sting.

The movie, which stars Jenny Slate, Nick Kroll and Adam Scott, hits screens Friday and revolves around the painfully awkward love triangle that forms between the stars. Zoe Kazan co-stars as well.

We chatted with Slate and Kroll on the phone about a wide variety of topics.

Slate was a source of inspiration for Kroll when preparing for a more serious role:

NK: “I learned a lot from Jenny. She put a lot of time and thought into what was motivating her character and it really inspired me and pushed me to dig a little deeper into why my character was making the choices he was making and so it was exciting … to develop a character that’s fully formed and three-dimensional.”

There’s nothing quite like shooting a film with your friends:

JS: “Having a real relationship to lean on is always an advantage.”

NK: “It’s a pleasure to work with someone who you have a shorthand with, who you’re comfortable with, but also excited to see their choices … because it can elevate your material, you feel like they’re doing stuff that you want to properly pay service to.”

While shooting in Ohio, Slate found (friend) love with Zoe:

JS: “We were roommates [in Cleveland during filming] and one of the best things that happened was that a) we fell in deep friend love and b) every weekend we would get in one of our rental cars and drive into the countryside of Ohio and go to antique barns and vintage shopping … we really fell hard for each other.

NK: “It was very fun to watch them fall deep in friend love.”

Ohio is an antique shopper’s dream:

JS: “The vintage in Ohio is great because it’s really not picked through at all, we had a lot of scores. … I found this little framed drawing that was titled “Cats, cats, cats” and it’s a picture of all these cats taking over a living room. It’s pretty much the best thing I own at this point.”