Justin Bieber gets tattoo while on a plane

A cross on his chest and the word “Forgive” were tattooed at 40K feet.

Justin Bieber’s latest stunt is just “plane” out there.

The pop star was inked with two new tattoos while flying 40,000 feet above the ground in his private plane, according to TMZ.com.

New York tattoo artist Bang Bang created the tats — a large cross in the center of his chest and the word “Forgive” on his stomach — during a turbulent flight to Canada from Miami Beach following Bieber’s Florida arrest in January.

“[It was] the most difficult tattoo I’ve ever done for sure,” the artist told TMZ.

It also may be the tattoo created farthest from the earth. Bang Bang said he thinks he set a record for highest-altitude inking.

As for the pop star’s choice of tattoos, Bang Bang told TMZ that Bieber sent him a text afterward that explained: “Forgiveness is powerful, forgive as Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins.”