Kanye West and Kim Kardashian win $440,000 in YouTube Lawsuit

They just keep makin’ the Benjamins.

Kim Kardashian is collecting more money.

If the details are relevant, Kim and hubby Kanye West have settled a lawsuit with YouTube founder Chad Hurley for $440,000, reported TMZ.

Hurley, for his part, secretly filmed the pair’s super off-the-radar engagement back in 2013 and leaked the video online. According to the couple, he had manipulated his way into AT&T Park to view Kanye’s proposal and was allowed to stay only after signing a confidentiality agreement.

Hurley then proceeded to post his stealthily shot video to MixBit and tweet it to about 1 million followers.

The lawsuit will be dismissed if Hurley pays up within the next few days, TMZ said.

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