Kelly Rowland talks being a new mom and Destiny’s Child reunion rumors

She has partnered with Dreft for #Amazinghood campaign.

Is there anything that Kelly Rowland can’t do? The “Destiny’s Child” — make that Destiny’s Woman — is an actress, singer, designer, and now her latest role? Being a new mom.

We caught up with Rowland, 34, at a press event for her new partnership with Dreft and its new #Amazinghood campaign, which features a new line of laundry care products for babyhood.


How is it being a new mom?


It’s pretty awesome! I get all these different surprises, from having the best nap with him to cleaning up after him.


What can we expect this year from you? And has being a new mom challenged your career?


I don’t know anything else besides working. In my spare time, I love to work. I was in the studio a week before I had the baby. Now I’m filming some episodes of “Being Mary Jane” and I’m also working on a show with BET on finding the next big musical group. I’m developing a jewelry and makeup line, so it’s just all different things.


How was the experience of being a judge on the “X-Factor?”


The experience was great. It made me want to find my own musical group. I don’t want to do a cattle call; I want to go and seek the talent myself. I’ve been looking for talent for a year now. The calls will be going out and the next step.


A boy band or girl group?


A boy band, a girl group; I want to make sure it’s a real group, something iconic.


Destiny’s Child reunited a few weeks ago at the Stellar Awards. Can we expect more reunions?


We haven’t talked about it. We’ve just been supporting each other on our own projects.


Was performing together fun?


It was super, and it was just like we had done it yesterday. One person would start, the next would jump in; it’s just easy.


Out of all the Destiny’s Child songs, which is your favorite?


“Soldier” has always been fun.


What did you think of Beyonce’s dress at the Met Gala?


She looked amazing!


What are some of your favorite spots here in NYC?


Nothing beats Nobu Fifty Seven. I try to go somewhere new every time. I love the Village and just hanging out over there. And Bar Pitti.?