Lindsay Lohan urges Americans to rally behind President Trump

Actress Lindsay Lohan, who has spent much time over the past year visiting and advocating for Syrian refugees in Turkey, suggests that for humanitarian reasons Americans should accept Donald Trump’s presidency.

In an interview Friday in New York with the website of the U.K. newspaper The Daily Mail, Lohan, 30, said, “Turkey really is doing a lot and that’s why I wanted to try and get the word out to Donald Trump, to kind of bring him over there and have him see all the positive things that they’re doing and how America can help as well.”

Asked if she would like to meet with Trump, the actress said, “Yeah, I think, just [to] broaden his ideas . . . because he hasn’t been there, just to see it, and [to] show America in the right light [that] helping the refugees [is] a positive thing. . . . It is one world that we live in and we all have to work together.”

When asked if this meant supporting Trump, Lohan answered, “He is the president. And so you have no . . .,” she began, and then rephrased to say, “You have to join him. You can’t beat him, join him.”

In her numerous visits to refugee camps, Lohan said, “I go and see these families and it’s not in the press. So it’s not a thing that I do for attention. The only attention that needs to be . . . is that people are aware of how bad it is. When you have a voice, we can use it in the right way, to create awareness.”