Margaret Cho releases ‘I Want to Kill My Rapist’ music video

The comedian is an outspoken victim of sexual abuse.

Margaret Cho has a lot of rage.

And the comedian isn’t afraid to share her rage with anyone.

An outspoken victim of sexual abuse, Cho has become a powerful anti-rape advocate, discussing the hard topics in her stand-up routines.

On Friday, Cho debuted a video on Perez Hilton, “I Want to Kill My Rapist.” 

Leading up to the video’s debut, Cho posted short videos on YouTube detailing her “12 Days of Rage.” 

Lyrics include, “I want to kill my rapist, I want to kill my rapist…” and the track will appear on her second album. 

On Wednesday night, Cho performed the song live to conclude a performance at Town Hall, part of her “Psycho” tour and New York Comedy Festival. 

To be clear, Cho doesn’t actually condone murder, or violence of any kind. 

“I do not condone violence but cathartic rage has its place in art. I believe if you have been sexually abused, you must ‘murder’ your rapist in your mind. Abuse leads to self abuse, drug addiction, depression, eating disorders, suicide. I want to kill it before it kills me. I’m grateful to all the incredible artists who went into the creation of this song and video, especially the young people who lent their fierce fighting talents. I can see already that kids are building a better world than the one we are currently in,” she told Hilton. 

“I Want to Kill My Rapist” is also available to download on iTunes Friday. 

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