Mayor Bill de Blasio tweets at Kanye after botched pop-up show at Webster Hall

Mayor Bill de Blasio reached out to Kanye West on Twitter Monday with a tongue-in-cheek suggestion for his next show following a botched surprise concert that descended into chaos outside Webster Hall.

De Blasio posted an image of him on the phone with a caption that asked “Does anyone have Kanye’s number?” in response to a Snapchat video by Kim Kardashian that showed him apparently calling the mayor and seeking the closure of several blocks for a party after thousands of fans mustered outside the East Village venue overnight Monday for the performance.

Webster Hall administrators said the 2 a.m. show wasn’t scheduled and ordered people to go home, but the crowd erupted into chaos, wrecking cars and leaving behind trash.

“.@kanyewest @kimkardashian Great block parties are planned. @Chirlane & I can throw one w/ you to benefit NYC kids,” de Blasio tweeted.

The NYPD said no one was arrested during the incident and the mayor’s office said it never received a call from West. City Councilwoman Rosie Mendez, who represents the area, said the singer and Webster Hall “should be held accountable and liable for any damages and any extra city resources that went into sanitation, [police], as well as damages to private vehicles.”

Webster Hall didn’t return immediate calls for comment and West hasn’t spoken about the incident.

His wife, Kim Kardashian, however, tweeted some supportive messages to the fans.

“He really tried so hard but it was ultimately out of his control! He has the best fans in the whole world!” she tweeted. “Thank you all for coming out at 2 a.m. Promise he will make up this pop up show.”