‘We are going to shed light on another narrative, another way of thinking’: Carlos Santana kicks off his “1001 Rainbows Tour” at the Prudential Center

Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana
Photo by Maryanne Bilham

After decades at the top, Carlos Santana continues to be a “Supernatural” guitar legend.

With his colloquial Spanglish and his love for light and divinity, conversing with this visionary force that has transcended cultural, geographical, and generational boundaries is a memorable experience. At 75 years old, Santana continues to do what he is most passionate about, bringing his music to his audience.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist has announced that he will hit the road with his band across North America this summer for the ‘1001 Rainbows Tour,’ starting at the Prudential Center in Newark, on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, as part of the state’s  ‘North to Shore’ summer festival taking place in New Jersey throughout the month of June.

The tour will celebrate his career-spanning hits from yesterday, today and tomorrow, where Santana will perform high-energy and passion-filled songs from his fifty-year career, including fan favorites from Woodstock to Supernatural, and of course, hits like “Corazón Espinado” and “María María.”

Delivered with a level of passion and soul equal to the legendary sonic charge of his guitar, the sound of Carlos Santana is one of the world’s best-known musical signatures.

To date, Santana has won ten GRAMMY Awards and three Latin GRAMMY Awards, with a record-tying nine GRAMMY Awards for a single project for 1999’s Supernatural (including Album of the Year and Record of the Year for “Smooth”). Among many other distinctions, Carlos Santana has been cited by Rolling Stone as #15 on their list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time;” and has joined the Rolling Stones as one of only two bands to have an album reach the Top 10 in every decade since the 1960s.

In an exclusive digital interview, Santana describes his relationship with the guitar after so many years while revealing some musical surprises he has in store for the audience on this new tour.

For more information, visit www.santana.com.

Photo by Maryanne Bilham

Are you ready for the new “1001 Rainbows Tour”? How have you prepared?

I am very strong, clear, and eager to bring hope and courage to the people.

How do you translate ‘1001 Rainbows Tour’ into Spanish and why the name?

A thousand and one rainbows. I have a house in Hawaii and there are many rainbows and waterfalls. I am very grateful to God for so many blessings and so many years of adventure with positivity. Especially being in a position to serve people and give them a touch of light to awaken their own divinity and their own light.

What is the secret to your success over the years?

The secret is God’s grace. It’s not chance or luck, God’s grace is immediate, positive, and very effective.

What characterizes ‘1001 Rainbows Tour’?

A lot of energy, there are very few bands in this world that can have the same energy we have. We bring completely new music and very familiar music from the past. We play music from yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

What new music are you bringing to the audience on this tour?

Music that has African rhythms, very feminine melodies to please women and a lot of joy. People need joy more than ever. We bring music so that people can set aside fear and bring light to the light.

How would you describe your relationship with the guitar after so many years?

It’s my heart, my fingers, my tongue, and I play music to invite people to awaken to their own truth, that we are never separate from God. With will, everything is possible, and with God, there are no impossibilities.

After your great success at the iconic Woodstock… What is the difference between current concerts and what is similar?

People always have a thirst to celebrate in a collective conscious commonality, that we are one and we have light. That we can awaken to be a voice and set aside patriotism, flags, nationality, and religions, and accept that we are love, light, sounds, frequency, and vibration.

What is your most memorable memory of the place where you were born?

You’re talking about Autlán, Jalisco (Mexico), between Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara. I remember that my mom and dad were very much in love. They set a very high standard for me and to always bring pride to the family.

What message do you have for your New York audience who will attend the concert?

Thank you very much for so many years, and together we are going to shed light on another narrative, another way of thinking, and reasoning, with more compassion… and with passion.

Carlos Santana. Photo by Roberto Finizio