New album release dates, from Backstreet Boys to Dido

Dotting album releases, Dido returns with her first album in 15 years — and around the 20th anniversary of her debut, “No Angel” — and Ladytron is back with new material on the 20th anniversary of their formation.

Here’s what else has caught our eye on the new release lineup.

Maggie Rogers, “Heard It in a Past Life”

The singer follows her surprise hit, “Alaska,” with her third full length album. Her new single, “Light On,” hit No. 2 on the Billboard Adult Album Alternative chart in early December. (Jan. 18)

Alice Merton, “Mint”

The debut album from the German singer-songwriter comes after a smash hit introduction; her song “No Roots” blew up charts worldwide in 2017 (she hit No. 1 on America’s Adult Album Alternative rankings, for instance). (Jan. 18)

Backstreet Boys, “DNA”

Everything old is new again, as the Backstreet Boys return for album number 10 in year number 26. If it doesn’t produce a moment as perfect as the “I Want it That Way” opening for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” does it even count? (Jan. 25)

FIDLAR, “Almost Free”

The Los Angeles-based indie-punk band took four years between albums, and it has some things to get off its chest. Single “Too Real”: “But of course the government’s gonna [expletive] lie.” “Can’t You See”: “Meditate, you can get rich quick, don’t talk, just like my [expletive].” (Jan. 25):

Meghan Trainor, “Treat Myself”

The pop songstress delayed the release of the record from August 2018 in order to add more material. Her previous two albums both went platinum (three times over for the first). (Jan. 25)

Florida Georgia Line, “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country”

The duo of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley was one of the innovators of “bro-country.” Expect similar themes (drinking, partying and the like) on FGL’s fourth effort. (Feb. 15)

Ladytron, self-titled

The British electropop stalwart will celebrate its 20th anniversary with its first album of new material in eight years. Single “Far From Home” has that propulsion that the band is known for on songs like “Tomorrow” and “Destroy Everything You Touch.” (Feb. 15)

Weezer, self-titled

The “black album,” as it’s being called, is being promoted with … covers of Toto songs? Sure. Maybe this, the band’s fourth album in five years, will be the one that settles the argument between Leslie Jones and Matt Damon. (March 1)

Dido, “Still On My Mind”

It’s a comeback for the artist behind “Here With Me,” “White Flag,” and “Thank You.” When she gets around to her tour, it’ll be the first time in 15 years that she’ll be routing through the United States. (March 8)

Amanda Palmer, “There Will Be No Intermission”

“Drowning in the Sound,” the author and artist’s debut single from the album, is a driving, almost-six-minute treatise about life in 2018, in the best way. The album will be accompanied by a book of photography. (March 8)

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