New York Film Festival 2016 Retrospective includes French classics and films by Henry Hathaway

The annual New York Film Festival is focusing a historical lens on French cinema greats as well as the films of American director Henry Hathaway during its 54th event from Sept. 30 to Oct. 16.

The festival’s Retrospective program is anchored by Bertrand Tavernier’s documentary “My Journey Through French Cinema,” the Film Society of Lincoln Center announced Friday in a news release. That 2016 film serves as an entry point to the six French classics also on the roster, including Jean-Pierre Melville’s “Les Enfants Terribles” (1950), Jean Renoir’s “La Marseillaise” (1938) and Robert Bresson’s “Angels of Sin” (1943).

On the American side, 12 films by Hathaway will be screened as well. Catch a sampling of movies by the prolific director, known for Westerns and film noir, such as “Kiss of Death” (1947), “Garden of Evil” (1951), “Rawhide” (1951) and “From Hell to Texas” (1958).

Last week, the NYFF announced its main slate of films, anchored by the latest from Pedro Almodovar (“Julieta”) and Jim Jarmusch (“Paterson”).

For more information: filmlinc.org.