‘Shade: Queens of NYC’ stars spill the T on their top drag stories

You can bet the stars of NYC’s latest drag series “Shade: Queens of NYC” have some pretty wild stories about performing at the city’s hottest LGBT bars, from Stonewall Inn to Barracuda. 

The new Fusion TV docu-series, which made its debut earlier this month, follows eight rising drag stars as they try to make it big in the industry. The 12-part, half-hour series aims to give us all a look behind the makeup, lip-synching and glamour to highlight what it’s really like for queens on the brink of stardom. 

“Over the past several years, drag queens have taken center stage in culture and on TV, but we’ve mostly only seen one facet of their lives.” Daniel Eilemberg, president of Fusion TV, said in a statement. “It was important that we more wholly highlight drag queens, looking beyond the incredible artistry to showcase the people behind the performances and capture the dynamic spirit of this community.”

Keeping on trend with digging deeper into the lifestyle of the city’s fabulous performers, we asked the eight queens to spill the T on their most memorable drag experiences in New York City (and beyond).

New episodes of “Shade” air every Thursday at 10:30 p.m., but a true drag fan wouldn’t watch alone. Local bars including Therapy, Barracuda, Pieces, Hardware and Rise Bar host weekly viewing parties so you can glam up with friends. 

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