New York City abounds with classic film series, so the chance to see “The Odd Couple” or “Love Story” isn’t really reason enough to attend the monthly “Ghosts of Gotham Past” series that runs through March.

No, the series demands your attention because it’s hosted at St. Paul’s Chapel, Manhattan’s oldest surviving church.

These are the movies you’ll find at St. Paul’s. All screenings are free:

‘The Cameraman’

This silent Buster Keaton picture from 1928 features the icon as a New York City street photographer. Friday

‘Mr. Deeds Goes to Town’

The classic Frank Capra-directed comedy stars Gary Cooper as a Vermonter brought to NYC after inheriting a fortune from his uncle and Jean Arthur as the reporter after the story. Nov. 18

‘Remember the Night’

Fred MacMurray’s New York DA drives Barbara Stanwyck’s shoplifter to Indiana in this holiday-season road movie from 1940. Dec. 16

‘Funny Face’

The big-screen Gershwin musical follows Fred Astaire’s fashion photographer and Audrey Hepburn’s bookstore-clerk-turned-model. Jan. 27

‘The Odd Couple’

Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau shine in a comedy classic for the ages. Feb. 24

‘Love Story’

This is, possibly, the ultimate screen romance. March 24