Paul McCartney, Beck denied entry to Grammy after-party

And the award for the most WTF moment to come out of the Grammys after-parties goes to …

What is probably the first time in history a Beatle wasn’t let into a club. Paul McCartney, 73 — way up at the top of music royalty — was denied entry into Tyga’s party at Hollywood’s The Argyle Monday night — and it wasn’t just Sir Paul. His #mansquad included music legends Beck and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.

If there wasn’t video evidence it would hardly be believed, but our friends over at TMZ shot the whole scene. “How VIP do we gotta get?” a flabbergasted McCartney was overheard saying to his crew. “We need another hit.”

Tyga made it clear on Tuesday that he was not behind the royal snub, proclaiming on Twitter: “Why would I deny @PaulMcCartney stop it. He’s a legend.” The rapper, 26, added “I don’t control the door. I had no knowledge SIR PAUL was there. I just performed and left.”

Rapper Bow Wow, also at The Argyle Monday, was as astonished as any. “Wait. THE Paul McCartney came to Argyle? And they wouldn’t let him in? You’ve got to be lying,” the 28-year-old rapper told TMZ.