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‘Queer Eye’ cast ranking: Who we’d trust to ‘Fab 5’ our lives

Each key member of Netflix's “Queer Eye” Fab 5 brings his own unique talents to the table. When combined, we get a dynamic as beloved by fans as the makeover show’s original crew.

The Emmy-winning reboot's key five members — experts in grooming, food, fashion, design and culture — stand out not only for their impeccable taste and insider tips and tricks, but for their vibrant personalities, too.

We ranked the guys based on who we'd trust to give us an ultimate "Queer Eye" makeover, starting with Jonathan Van Ness.

"Queer Eye" returns to Netflix with its third season March 15. Only this time, the crew is packing up and heading to Kansas City, Missouri, to help those in desperate need of a physical — and emotional — glam squad.

Jonathan Van Ness

By far the most quotable personality of the
Photo Credit: Netflix

By far the most quotable personality of the Fab 5, Jonathan, seen at right, taught us what it means to "struggs to func," how to use green stick, what chemicals are sneakily hiding in our beauty products and, most importantly, how to be unapologetically ourselves. The show's grooming expert takes on each project with ease and helps even the quietest of contenders break out of their shells. We're convinced an afternoon with Jonathan would start with several voguing moments, selfies and pep talks, and end with a makeshift runway show. By the end, we're left not just wanting, but needing more from our favorite "Queer Eye" member.

Standout moment: So, so many. But helping Anthony find confidence in his gender identity by pulling a full-on Beyoncé "Hold Up" moment with a random yellow towel takes the cake in season 1 (season 1, episode 4, "To Gay or Not Too Gay"). Completely transforming a messy bartender hiding behind his facial hair is a standout, too. "If you accidentally knock your wife up, you have to name the baby Jonathan, because it's totally my fault because I got you this haircut," he says (season 2, episode 2, "Unleash the Sexy Beast").

Karamo Brown

Karamo's ability to turn a five-minute drive in
Photo Credit: Netflix

Karamo's ability to turn a five-minute drive in Georgia into a therapy session is a serious win for Netflix. The culture expert is actually a relationship guru, working wonders on the lives of others. From helping to throw a coming out party in "To Gay or Not Too Gay," to breaking down racial barriers in "Dega Don't" the events Karamo helps plan are far from frivolous. A makeover session with him would start with a heart-to-heart and end with the bash of a lifetime.

Standout moment: Karamo, seen at right, was able to talk out racial tensions surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement with a Georgia police officer and we couldn't turn away (season 2, episode 3, "Dega Don't"). In season 2, he relates to a young gay man searching to find his place in a small-town Christian family (season 2, episode 1, "God Bless Gay").

Antoni Porowski

There's a strong argument that Antoni should have
Photo Credit: Netflix

There's a strong argument that Antoni should have been dubbed the Fab 5's "food and wine expert/hopeless romantic." Antoni knows his stuff when it comes to clean eating and kitchen hacks, but we're more intrigued by his desire to bring estranged couples together than we are by his avocado skills. If we let this Brooklyn-based food connoisseur work his magic on us, we'd end up with the creamiest guac we've (probably) ever tasted and a new outlook on romance. Win, win.

Standout moment: "I'm a romantic. The idea of bringing two people together who were meant to be, (shrugs) I think that would be really sweet." Antoni was easily distracted from the calorie dump in a "red neck margarita" (Mountain Dew and tequila) by Tom's sly mention of his ex-wife Abby, aka the love of his life. His work on the truck driver seems to have paid off, proving his status as a matchmaker: The pilot's heart-tugging bachelor Tom announced on Twitter the show helped him reunite with his beau and eventually wed once again (season 1, episode 1, "You Can't Fix Ugly").

Tan France

Tan, seen at right, can work wonders with
Photo Credit: Netflix

Tan, seen at right, can work wonders with a closet: A curl of a sleeve, a tuck of a shirt and this fashion expert can make even the self-dubbed "ugliest" look red-carpet ready. His style tips come with some serious life advice, of course. If we took anything away from his "Queer Eye" projects it's this: Throw. Away. The. Cargo. Shorts.

Standout moment: Easily the most emotional of the eight-episode premiere season, Tan taught Anthony there's "no right way or wrong way to be gay" offering up words of advice everyone can benefit from (season 1, episode 4, "To Gay or Not Too Gay"). In season 2, he took his skills from the boutique to the gym, helping a "jobless couch potato" boost his own confidence from the inside (season 2, episode 3, "Big Little Lies").

Bobby Berk

We don't always get a lot from interior
Photo Credit: Netflix

We don't always get a lot from interior design exert Bobby, seen at right, and that's a real shame. He can work wonders with a cluttered space and while we're aware this isn't an HGTV series, we hardly got to see Bobby in his element in season one. Thankfully, season 2 brought out a new side of the design pro.

Standout moment: It can be argued Bobby did his best work in the premiere season in this episode, helping a father of six transform his small home into a tidy playground. He helped establish a chore system and ultimately rebuilt a strained bond between a husband and wife (season 1, episode 5, "Camp Rules"). In season 2, his work helped a transgender man feel at home in a proud new space. (season 2, episode 5, "Sky's the Limit").


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