Record Story Day: 9 albums you must check out

Record Store Day, usually celebrated on the third Saturday of April since 2008, started with a very small list of special edition releases. As the vinyl renaissance has progressed, however, so has the RSD catalog expanded.

For 2015, the exclusives number well into the triple digits, without including small regional runs. It’s a massive collection, and opinions will vary as to which releases should demand the most attention, but here’s at least one shopping list for Saturday, April 15, aka “music snob Christmas.”


A-Ha, “Take On Me”

Why: The picture disc 7″ (which also includes a live version of the song recorded in 2009 for a BBC Radio 2 show) features a still from the iconic music video printed on the vinyl.


Black Star, “Fix Up”

Why: Another 7″, the single from the famed hip-hop duo is cut into a star shape, making it an actual “black star.”


Miles Davis, “The Prestige 10 Inch LP Collection Vol. 2”

Why: Davis’ Prestige albums during this time include the classic “Miles Davis with Sonny Rollins” and “Miles Davis All Stars, Volume 1 and 2” with Thelonious Monk.


Foo Fighters, “Songs from the Laundry Room”

Why: Dave Grohl is the “ambassador” for the 2015 Record Store Day, and he and his band’s contribution is this collection of demos (including “Big Me”), covers and B-sides.


Flaming Lips, “Bad Days”

Why: For those who miss the old-school Lips, the band is releasing three EPs worth of songs only available on overseas CDs. This one includes a demo version of “She Don’t Use Jelly.”


RPM Turntable Baseball

Why: In this “turntable game,” players take turns dropping the needle on the record, which determines whether the at bat is a home run or a strikeout. Side drinking games are — or should be — encouraged.


Sugarhill Gang, “The Bestof Sugarhill Gang”

Why: Featuring both “Rapper’s Delight” and “Apache,” expect to see copies of this dual-disc release wherever hipster DJs have sworn off computer assistance.


“The Wrestling Album/Piledriver”

Why: Get these and play “Real American” whenever you enter a room for an added boost of steroids ? er ? testosterone, brother.


The Zombies, “R.I.P.”

Why: This was originally intended as the third album for the British group behind “Time of the Season” and “She’s Not There,” but it was never released (the band had already disbanded).


If you go:

For a full list of participating stores and Record Store Day releases, go to recordstoreday.com.