Sarah Jessica Parker says she ‘loves the subway’

“I love the city. I love everything it has to offer,” SJP told Harper’s Bazaar.

Today in SJP news: the multimillionaire mega star has said that she “love[s] the subway.”

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Sarah Jessica Parker who dons a Valentino dress and shoes from her own SJP collection on the magazine’s October issue, discusses her love of Manhattan.

“I love the city. I love everything it has to offer,” she told the magazine. “I think that my children are so lucky to be raised here. I love the subway, I love hailing a cab, I love traffic and people and all of the possibilities. I believe in all of that still.”

Though it took Carrie Bradshaw six seasons to hop on the subway (in a rush to the New York Stock Exchange in the “To Market, To Market” episode), Parker reportedly doesn’t share an aversion of the MTA with her beloved character. Also her “love” for the subway may not equate to actually swiping a MetroCard and taking a ride.

We’ve spotted husband Matthew Broderick questionably manspreading on the uptown E train, now we’ll keep our eyes peeled for an SJP commute.

“My husband and I are genuinely surprised that we feel more public now than we have ever felt. It’s social media,” Parker, who has both Twitter and Instagram accounts, told Harper’s.

“Of course, when you work in TV or film, there is a familiarity, so you reconcile that. But the show has been off the air a long time now. You are not ever alone. You are not ever, ever, ever, ever alone.”

“The Show” may no longer have new episodes, but that doesn’t mean countless New Yorkers and wannabe Manhattanites aren’t streaming the reruns.


The October issue of Harper’s Bazaar hits newsstands on Sept. 22.

Melissa Kravitz