Audiobooks for your summer commute, including more than a few celebrity narrators

Your summer commute is heating up and honestly, you can’t find a seat. Save your reading for the beach this month and use your subway time to listen to a new or favorite book. Keep your sunglasses on, pop your headphones in and escape with these audio stories this July, with more than a few famous voices.

‘Heads Will Roll’ by Kate McKinnon and Emily Lynne

More akin to listening to a play than reading a book, this Audible exclusive unites the two comedians as well as stars like Tim Gunn, Meryl Streep and Peter Dinklage to voice characters in this quirky episodic story following a queen whose prophecy about a peasant rebellion uproots her royal norms. The cast of Netflix’s "Queer Eye" has cameos.

‘Northanger Abbey’ by Jane Austen

Austen’s novels predate audiobooks by several decades, but the newest interpretation (2017) of this classic coming-of-age story uses top-notch voice acting and sound production to create an immersive story. Emma Thompson, Ella Purnell, Douglas Booth, Eleanor Tomlinson and more award-winning actors enact this Gothic story about a teenager’s rise in society.  

‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama

The memoir that essentially defined 2018 nonfiction is read by the former first lady herself, allowing first-timers to enjoy the story straight from the author and re-readers to enjoy a new interpretation of the text.

‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Summer may be the best time of year to re-read this classic, but if you haven’t listened to the Jake Gyllenhaal narration, put down your well-worn paperback and download this award-winning recording.

‘Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered: The Definitive How-To Guide’ by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Murderinos, that is, fans of the comical true crime podcast "My Favorite Murder," as well as newbies to the hilarious co-hosts, can indulge in over six hours of Kilgariff and Hardstark co-reading their first book together.

‘Gentleman Jack’ by Anne Choma and Sally Wainwright

Those who have watched (and re-watched) their way through the HBO series of the same name can listen to this Anne Lister biography read by Eva Pope and Erin Shanagher. The text itself offers more rich historical details than the series, and authors and show creators Choma and Wainwright also contribute their own readings of Lister’s decoded diaries.