Taylor Swift walks in midtown, chaos ensues

It was a miracle on 35th Street.

We knew she was trouble when she walked onto 35th Street.

Fans started gathering outside midtown pub Jack Doyle’s around 1 p.m. on Tuesday, when rumors surfaced that Taylor Swift was inside.

The singer was not, in fact, cooling down with a lunchtime beer but in amNewYork’s building, at the Reem Acra offices, reportedly buying a dress with a friend, an employee of the designer label told us.

Outside on 35th St. and 8th Avenue, paparazzi and crowds clogged the sidewalk waiting for Swift to come out and enter the black SUV waiting on the street.

Jack Doyle’s played into the excitement by blasting Swift’s hit song “I Knew You Were Trouble” just before Swift, her friend, and a bodyguard exited the building through the service entrance.

Chris Ceprano, 26 of Woodhaven, was in the area to have lunch with his wife when the commotion began.

“She’s more stunning in person than she is on TV,” he said. “This is the first time I’ve ever seen a celebrity and it’s quite amazing to see someone like this in the community.”

“I was at your apartment,” another fan/stalker called out as Swift entered the SUV with her entourage.

Tears were shed by some fans while others begged strangers to text them their photos so they could post them on social media personally.

“Who is this person?” one man asked this reporter while showing off a smiling picture of Taylor Swift on his smartphone. Apparently some New Yorkers aren’t as familiar with New York City’s Global Ambassador.

“Taylor Swift!”

“Oh! Taylor Swift! Very exciting!” Very exciting indeed.

It turns out the few seconds Taylor graced 35th Street with her presence was pretty miraculous for all. It was a miracle on 35th Street.


–with Ivan Pereira

Melissa Kravitz