What we learned from The Fat Jew’s book

There’s nothing like a Z-list celebrity memoir. Literally nothing.

In his first book, “Money Pizza Respect,” Josh Ostrovsky, aka The Fat Jew, shares original poetry, recipes, excerpts from his childhood diary, coupons and coloring book pages to serve as breaks from reading, in true Z-list style. “It’s so nineties to read,” he says of his own book, on page 45.

Ostrovsky wrote this book because he wants his audience to get to know him beyond the short form they see on social media, he told amNY via email.

As a man who wears many hats (if they can fit over his ridiculous vertical ponytail), Ostrovsky feels that “anything is possible” in 2015.

“Now, the world is so interconnected and localized because of the Internet that you could start an app that allows people to customize scarves for their pet iguanas and that could become a tremendous deal…,” he said.

As a result of publishing “Money Pizza Respect,” Ostrovsky thinks he will be recognized as the new James Joyce.

With significantly fewer pages (and words) than “Finnegans Wake,” here’s what you’ll learn from Ostrovsky’s new book.

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