ADAY clothing line opens new wellness mecca in NoLIta

Now you can shop for leggings, dig in to a chia parfait and go on a group run all in one place.

New York-based clothing brand ADAY is branching out from its online shop with a NoLIta pop-up shop, which opens June 27 at 268 Elizabeth St.

ADAY’s first NYC shop is all about creating community, its founders said.

“We started online — online is our gem — but we quickly realized offline is important as well,” said co-founder Nina Faulhaber, adding that, since its founding two years ago, the brand has “evolved to be a lifestyle and a mission and an idea of how to live a more conscious life.”

To that end, in addition to selling its line of technical pieces, including bras, leggings, tanks and swimsuits, the brand is hosting wellness programming.

Activities include a “breakfast club” on Fridays from 9-10 a.m., where you can enjoy a healthy breakfast bowl filled with rolled oats or chia seeds from Daily Harvest (RSVP required); group runs and shadowboxing on Saturdays from 10-11 a.m.; and runs from the store to a local Sweetgreen.

To sign up for events, head to thisisaday.co.uk/simplicity-cities#new-york.