Woodlawn: How to spend a day in the Bronx’s Irish enclave

Sitting flush against Yonkers’ southern border, Woodlawn Heights is almost as north as you can get in New York City. Once a mostly German neighborhood, the area is now one of the most common landing spots for first-generation immigrants from Ireland (If you’re of Irish lineage, don’t mention it unless you’re prepared to boast your ancestors’ county and town as well).

The Woodlawn Metro-North stop on the Harlem Line will drop you off closest to the action, but you can also take the 4 train to the end of the line if you’re willing to walk a bit to save a few bucks on travel (The walk from the 4 train’s Woodlawn station forces you to take a lovely stroll between Van Cortlandt Park and the cemetery. Could be worse).

The neighborhood spans less than 30 square blocks, but the trip is worth it. There’s more Irish culture packed in this Bronx enclave than you’ll find almost anywhere else in the city. Here’s our suggestions for places to visit while you’re there.