Tribeca Film Festival 2016: Johnny Simmons of ‘The Phenom’ and ‘Dreamland’ on NYC

Johnny Simmons is having a busy festival experience. He stars in two feature films, “Dreamland” with Jason Schwartzman and “The Phenom” with Paul Giamatti and Ethan Hawke. Both are screening multiple times at the Tribeca Film Festival, with “The Phenom” premiering April 17 at 8:30 p.m. at the SVA Theater, 333 W. 23rd St. (For repeat screenings of “The Phenom” and “Dreamland,” check the full schedule at tribecafilm.com.)

What does the Tribeca Film Festival mean to you?   

Tribeca to me is collection of artists displaying their work with an audience who are equally passionate about film. I believe people make films to show many aspects of the human existence and explain it however they relate. Taking our film to a festival gives us a chance to share that with everyone else – which adds to a collective experience.

Has New York City inspired your work in any way?

New York has always inspired me. There’s always plenty of interesting characters to watch and it feels more “alive” to me than any other city.

What’s your favorite restaurant in NYC?

In the south we make some pretty damn good barbecue, and it’s hard to find when I’m traveling. But Southern Hospitality [645 Ninth Ave.] in Hell’s Kitchen is my go-to spot when I’m in New York.

Yellow cab, Uber or subway?


Why should Tribeca audiences see your film/project?

Because they might just have a good time.