Tweeting Baldwin having a hard time staying out of public eye

Alec Baldwin claims he’s taking himself out of the public eye — but for now, at least, that doesn’t extend to social media.

Baldwin, 55, bid farewell to the spotlight yesterday via the cover of the most recent New York Magazine. In a an essay titled “Good-Bye, Public Life,” he criticized the media for turning on him after he allegedly used a homophobic slur last year in a dust-up with a photographer, which he denies. Along the way, he took the time to skewer a number of prominent media figures, including MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, whom he called “a phony,” as well as blogger Andrew Sullivan and CNN’s Anderson Cooper, both part of what he called “the Gay Department of Justice.”

But Baldwin, who lives in the West Village, was still active on Twitter as of this morning. In the time since his article was posted, he tweeted multiple times from the Alec Baldwin Foundation’s handle, including a message of support for CNN’s Piers Morgan and an Instagram image of Seth Meyers.

But Twitter has had plenty to saw about Baldwin as well. Actor Rainn Wilson summed up what many on the social network were saying when he tweeted: “Alec Baldwin will retire from public life until the next time he’s offered a film or TV role, a hosting gig or a commercial campaign.”