Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) is arguably one of the most beloved dads on TV today.  

The "This Is Us" father always swoops in right at the perfect moment to help his children — the Big Three — feel accepted and loved for who they are. Jack lives by his own patriarchal code, establishing traditions (Pilgrim Rick) that we see his children follow for years to come.

Here are five moments that proved that although Jack might not be the perfect husband, he sure does try to be the best family man he can.

Kate's magic shirt: We could all use a replica of Kate's magic shirt. Jack knows exactly how to cheer up his daughter, Kate, after a group of mean girls left her feeling insecure during a day by the pool in episode four. Jack makes up an elaborate story about a drifter who gave him a magic shirt that allows your enemies to see you “exactly how you want to be seen.” The moment proved their daddy-daughter bond was unlike any other. 

Becoming Pilgrim Rick: A trip to grandma’s house is far too stressful as is. Add in a holiday and the six-hour drive is far too much for Rebecca, Jack and the three kids. Forfeiting the trip altogether after car trouble, the Big Three ends up spending Thanksgiving in a motel in episode eight, eating a spread of vending machine food and watching a movie with Pilgrim Rick (aka Jack). “I want every Thanksgiving to be like this for the rest of my life,” Randall said. Spoiler, young Randall, it will be. 

Lifting Randall to greater heights: Jack literally proves his love and devotion to his son, Randall, in episode nine when he places him on his back and does nearly nine push ups while declaring he’ll help him become the best man he can be. “Are you willing to hold him up, no matter what comes his way?” Randall’s karate instructor asks. “Yes,” Jack replies. Struggling to catch his breath, he continues to answer a series of questions in front of a group of children and their fathers. The heart-tugging moment proved to Randall, Rebecca (and to us) that Jack was truly loyal to his children, whether that relation be through blood or not. 

Voguing with Kate: Work it, Jack. Feeling left out at the birthday party she shared with her twin brother, Kevin, Kate ends up secluding herself in episode 13. Naturally, it's Jack to the rescue as he learns to Vogue with his daughter at her Madonna-themed party. 

Teaching Randall to cope: In an incredibly raw representation of how anxiety attacks manifest for some, the pressure to be perfect becomes too much for young Randall to handle in episode 15. Jack consoles his panicked son by holding him and reminding him to simply breathe. The two breathe together until Randall finds peace, a coping mechanism we later see Randall take with him throughout his adult career.