New Yorkers weed shopping habits revealed in new data

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Elsa Olofsson, CBD Oracle

New consumer data released by Weedmaps, a one-stop platform for weed and weed-related products, identifies New Yorkers’ most recent weed shopping habits. 

The weed platform advocates for full legalization across the nation, social equity in the industry and a hub for resources and information for the general public and businesses. New York state allowed the use of cannabis for those of 21 years and older on March 31 of 2021 with The Marihuana Regulation & Taxation Act(MRTA).

“The enforcement of cannabis prohibition has had devastating effects on numerous communities, which continue to endure the collateral consequences of the state’s legacy of harsh drug laws,” according to the Office of Cannabis Management’s website.   

According to the Office of Cannabis Management, there are 133 legal and licensed cannabis dispensaries in the state of New York. As of June 6 of this year, Weedmap has recognized 131 of them.

The latest data report for the first quarter of 2024 shows that New Yorkers are exceeding the national average spending on weed by 50% with shoppers having a preference for the Cannabis Flower. The national average order value stands at $80.78, while in New York, it is $123.16.

The data also indicates that New Yorkers above the age of 50 prefer edibles. In comparison, those 50 years old and younger are typically attracted to vape pens. 

On average, the total of New York’s edibles orders through Weedmaps surpass the national average by 9%, while vape pen orders in New York are 10% lower than the national average.

The data also shows that New Yorkers prefer to shop for cannabis products in person. Only 44% of orders placed through the platform were for delivery. In comparison to the 60% of delivery orders nationwide. 

Weedmaps has partnered with local businesses and organizations like On The Revel and Happy Munkey to promote small and minority businesses in the cannabis industry in New York. 

“New York has always been the financial, cultural, and hospitality capital of the world and we’re going to see that moving into cannabis with new experiences and new brands coming out of New York,” said in a press statement Vladimir Bautista, CEO of Happy Munkey.