Drake Hotline Bling ugly Christmas sweatshirt is the only holiday outfit you need

You don’t have to go all Elaine Benes, but break out a few moves.

Call your holiday stylist on her cell phone — okay, we know it’s your mom — and tell her you found your holiday outfit.

The Drake Hotline Bling Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt is pretty much the most stylish, versatile item you can wear to a holiday event.

Family dinner? Pair it with eating pants!

Office holiday party? You don’t have to go all Elaine Benes, but you can break out a few moves in this comfy crew neck sweatshirt and even wear a button up or turtleneck underneath, for formality. 

Available in green, red and black, in sizes S – 5XL (yes, that’s Santa size), this screenprinted top features Drake dancing along to “Hotline Bling” along with imagery of a cell phone and some cocktails. 

Forget any awkward ice breakers, this sweatshirt will get you talking to anyone and everyone, while looking good.

Find it for $18.99 at CheapTeeNYC’s Etsy shop. 

Melissa Kravitz