10Below is making ice cream scoops irrelevant, thanks to ice cream rolls

Scoops and soft serve swirls have nothing on these rolls.

If you haven’t been keeping up with summer 2015’s Instagram ice cream trends, we’re here to let you in on a nonsecret: Ice cream rolls are the way to eat your frozen desserts this season!

10Below (10 Mott St.), opened in July, just in time for heat-swathed downtowners to start getting their fill of NYC’s first Thai-style ice cream rolls.

What are ice cream rolls?

The Thai street food uses fresh ingredients like cream, milk and fruit and makes each roll to order, similar to how you’d order at a cocktail bar or coffee shop.

The made-to-order sweet is concocted on a cold plate (think Coldstone Creamery, but starting with liquid ingredients) with a temperature of -10°F — hence, the shop’s name — and rolled to optimal frozen creaminess.

Currently, 10Below serves eight flavors of ice cream rolls, ranging from the cookies and cream style Cookie Monster to the indulgent S’mores Galore and a refreshing Matcha Made in Heaven made with green tea and blueberries.

If you’re lucky, your ice cream will be topped with a macaron panda on top.

This is what summer is for.