Astoria dubbed NYC’s ‘Frozen Yogurt District’ by ABC News

When you think Astoria, think fro-yo.

While an expansive selection of Greek restaurants, the Museum of the Moving Image and even the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden may be some of the neighborhood’s biggest draws to outsiders, it’s fro-yo that’s putting Astoria on the map right now.

WABC reports that Astoria is home to NYC’s “unofficial frozen yogurt district.”

Within eight-blocks and two avenues in Astoria, fro-yo fanatics can indulge at eight frozen yogurt and ice cream shops.

31st Avenue between 31st Street and Steinway is said to be the prime spot for fro-yo, but if drifting onto Broadway will also lead to a few more frozen sweet shops.

The selection of fro-yo in this very special district ranges from the DIY-style 16 Handles to the 24-hour Baskin Robbins to Astoria originals including Sunberi and Vanilla Sky.

Outside of the Frozen Yogurt District, Astorians can find even more fro-yo.

All the way at the end of the N/Q line is Yogurt La Crêpe at 2902 Ditmars Blvd.

If it feels to you like everyone is moving to Astoria these days, at least you know why.