Unique Brooklyn Dumpling Shop does St. Patty’s Day 

Founder Stratis Morfogen and the team at Brooklyn Dumpling Shop have cooked up something special to celebrate Irish heritage. 

“For St. Patrick’s Day, we developed something truly special that we’ve never done before with our green dumpling. We couldn’t resist putting our twist on classic Irish flavors like corned beef and cabbage, and of course, we had to make it green!”

While the St. Patrick’s Day-themed dumplings may seem out of the ordinary, this is nothing new for the ingenious Brooklyn Dumpling Shop which offers dumplings favors like Mac and Cheese, Chicken Parm, Korean BBQ Beef, and Bacon Cheeseburger.  

Their flagship store launched in 2021 in the East Village. Staying in line with their tradition of taking something beloved and putting a twist on it, they found a way to reboot the “automat” — a self-service food counter that was at that cutting edge of modernity for New York locals in the 1940s. 

Alvin Pagan, the general manager at the East Village shop says, “Back then you used to put coins or money outside the automat and you would get back pies or hotdogs.”

The automat slowly fell out of fashion as payment methods turned away from coins to cash and debit cards. Pagan reflects, “We took the concept and revised it.” 

So now, instead of inserting coins into the automat, you can order on your phone, scan your receipt, and your food will be in the automat waiting for you.

It is equipped with both cold and hot storage. The heated cells stay at 145 degrees for any hot dishes like their smash burgers or Kung Pao Chicken dumplings. And the cold cubbies will keep your Frosé or the Apple Cinnamon Dumplings that are served with vanilla ice cream, chilled at 35 degrees. 

Everything on the menu is unique but The Saint Patrick’s Day Dumplings will only last through the weekend with the special offer of 4 dumplings and a beer for $10.

Whether you need post-Saint Patty’s Day parade munchies or a late bite after a night out, Brooklyn Dumpling Shop has it all, wrapped up in a pillowy crunchy package. 

A bowl of Brooklyn Dumpling Shop dumplings
A bowl of Brooklyn Dumpling Shop dumplings