Caribbean culture on display as dancing Bronx TikTok star has Dunkin’ latte named for her

Nancy’s Signature Drink “I Am Nancy Jay” (1)
Tik Tok star and Instagram Influencer Nancy Jay stands with her signature drink inside a Bronx Dunkin’
Courtesy of Dunkin’

Dancing Bronx TikTok star and Instagram influencer Nancy Jay said it was a dream come true to learn that Dunkin’ named a drink after her longtime signature order for all patrons in a Soundview location this week; but she’s is delighted for reasons beyond simply sharing a medium iced caramel latte with mocha drizzle with her neighborhood – Nancy Jay is sharing her culture as a Guyanese American on a nationwide scale.

That’s been the mission of the 27-year-old internet sensation since joining TikTok per the suggestion of her boyfriend around this time last year at the start of this ongoing global pandemic, to promote the diversity of cultures, especially her own while dancing and smiling through and through.

@iamnancyjayyall remember making playlists like this back in the days? 🤣🤣 don’t lie!♬ original sound – DJMANNY

“You don’t really see too many influencers with my skin color or my background,” Nancy Jay said, telling how that became a driving reason to focus many of her dance routines around her culture’s musical stylings, which she offers to teach through online dance classes too.

Since joining up with TikTok, Nancy Jay said she’s been contacted by a plethora of fans who reached out simply to thank her for representing their own cultures while too being unapologetically herself with “no front” and a smile which never leaves her face.

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Her passion for representation well predates her success online, though.

While attending John Jay College she took the initiative of starting a West Indian student organization after seeing a lack of representation on campus and even before that when she won her freshman year talent show at Lehman High School with a dance routine to Caribbean music.

It was also during those high school years where she developed a pallet for her now well known caffeinated beverage, aptly titled The Nancy Jay at Dunkin’s 1905 Story Avenue location until this upcoming Sunday.

In March, she was selected as one of ten from a nationwide competition by Dunkin to have one’s signature drink put on their local menu – learning of the good news caused Nancy Jay to literally scream inside of her living room while also bringing her parents to tears after seeing such positive attention.

@iamnancyjayI love ordering “The Nancy Jay” @dunkin 💗🧡 ##dunkin ##coffee ##icedcoffee ##dunkinmenucontest ##thenancyjay ##BiggerIsBetter ##EnvisionGreatness ##viral ##bx♬ original sound – iamnancyjay

The most exciting part of it all for Nancy Jay is seeing the promotion of such diversity, she said, adding that being able to continue collaborating with Dunkin’ would be another dream come true for the former DJ and highly active dancer.

Her current mantra? Encouraging people to be proud of who they are and to know that the pursuit of one’s dreams is a more than feasible task at hand.

“This can happen, just give it a go, take that risk,” Nancy Jay said.

For those unfamiliar to the genre, here are some hot, current Caribbean acts which Nancy Jay suggests: soca acts Machel Montano and Kes The Band in addition to Guyanese chutney soca artist Vicardi Singh.