A chicken fried cheeseburger is happening at Root & Bone in the East Village

Forget your health concerns about processed meats.

At least, East Village restaurant Root & Bone wants you to. 

The Southern-style restaurant, known for serving some of the best fried chicken in the city, has added new secret menu items that are beyond your wildest meat dreams. Or nightmares.

Just in time for Halloween, the chicken fried stuffed cheeseburger is here. 

A beef patty stuffed with pimento cheese and deep-fried like chicken is served on a soft potato roll with with butter lettuce, tomato, house pickles & Mississippi Comeback sauce, for health, of course. The $15 special also includes waffle fries. 

The chicken fried stuffed cheeseburger will be on Root & Bone’s brunch and lunch menus, though you can request it for dinner, if you dare, through Nov. 6. 

If this meat monstrosity reaches an unspecified level of Instagram fame, Root & Bone will keep it on the permanent menu. 

A rep for the restaurant says that fewer than 10 have been sold since the menu item launched Friday, Oct. 23, but we’re guessing #chickenfriedeverything just needs to catch on. 

Perhaps this is a good warm-up before consuming a 30-pound burrito