Clinton Hall’s Cheeto burger is NYC’s answer to the Cheeto mash-up

It’s all about Cheetos this spring. 

Move aside, Taco Bell, this local restaurant’s Cheeto creation looks much more appetizing than your Cheeto Crunchwrap

As part of Clinton Hall’s (90 Washington St.) new menu pairing 20 burgers with 20 beers — that’s an eating competition we’d like to take part in — the downtown gastropub has debuted its Cheeto burger.

The $11 burger is made with a 6 oz. Pat LaFrieda house-blend beef patty, topped with Vermont cheddar and a healthy serving of crunchy Cheetos and sandwiched on a homemade potato roll.

Cheese powder on a cheeseburger? Yes, please. Order with a side of Parmesan truffle fries or cheddar waffle fries, and you’ll be in cheese heaven. 

If you’re not pairing this with Capri Sun a la after-school snack (not on the menu, no outside beverages allowed), opt for the suggested pint of Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier, a German ale just as crisp as a cheese doodle. 

Clinton Hall also has a Parmesan-crusted burger, a cream cheese jalapeño burger and a chili cheese burger who prefer their cheese to not come from a chip.