Dominique Ansel Kitchen debuts limited-edition fraises des bois Pavlova

That’s the thing about a seasonal ingredient: Its moment in the sun is fleeting. Like the ramp, which is only available for about a month each spring, strawberries of the woods, or fraises des bois, are in season for just a few short weeks. 

Dominique Ansel is having the small, sweet and tender berries flown in overnight from Malaga, Spain, and using them in an absolutely stunning Pavlova. The dessert is only available Fridays through Sundays at Dominique Ansel Kitchen, and for just a few weeks — the duration of the season. 

The Pavlova, which debuted Friday, is $22 and serves one to two people. It’s made with vanilla meringue, strawberry jam, Beaumes des Venises (a sweet, fortified wine) mascarpone cream and fresh sorrel. The berries decorate the entire top. 

Dominque Ansel Kitchen is located at 137 Seventh Ave. South.