Donald Trump doughnuts at the Cinnamon Snail in NYC sold out in 10 minutes

Are statement doughnuts the next rainbow doughnut?

On Friday morning, The Cinnamon Snail posted a photo on Instagram, which has since been deleted, of a box of vegan doughnuts with Donald Trump’s likeness and unflattering descriptions of the presidential candidate written on them.

The phrases “Drumpf,” “Punch-Trump Love” and “Donald Chump,” plus impressive art of the New Yorker’s face getting punched, covered the tops of Meyer lemon glazed donuts with lemon curd and lemon shortbread.

The Cinnamon Snail (formerly a vegan food truck and currently a permanent fixture at The Pennsy food hall), made 48 of the doughnuts and sold out in 10 minutes, said general manager Karl Custer. 

In the Instagram post, the writer advocated for eating a doughnut in the face of Trump’s ascension rather than responding with violence.

The doughnuts “provide all of the satisfaction of punching trump in the face, without actual violence, and without getting his reptilian nazi skin slime all over your hand,” the post read.

Each doughnut cost $9, and proceeds will go to the New York Immigration Coalition.

Chef and owner Adam Sobel said in a phone interview that he made the doughnuts because Donald Trump is “against everything that’s right and good in the world.”

Even though there were people in line before they opened, Sobel said there are no plans to make more in part because of how labor intensive the work is. Each doughnut took 30 minutes just to decorate. 

Will he make any for other candidates? No, he said.

“I stay outside of politics as much as I can,” he said, adding that he really hopes people don’t vote for Trump.