Here’s how you can incorporate eggnog into some holiday breakfast recipes

Eggnog French Toast
Photo: St. Pierre Bakery

From peppermint to cinnamon, there are a myriad of defining flavors for the holiday season. One drink that always makes its way back into the holiday lexicon is eggnog.

The rich, dairy-based beverage makes for a great holiday treat, but it can go even further. St. Pierre Bakery, known for its Brioche Loaf, has breakfast recipes that incorporate eggnog: French toast and waffles.

For the French toast, you’ll need St. Pierre’s Brioche Loaf. The recipe mimics a standard French toast recipe, however you drop in some eggnog liqueur to bring in that holiday flavor to the dish. Top the French toast with caramelized oranges and then you have a delicious option for a Christmas morning breakfast!

Check out the full recipe on stpierrebakery.com. St Pierre’s Brioche Loaf is available at Walmart stores nationwide and online for $5.48.

Also on the St. Pierre Bakery’s website is a recipe for Christmas Eggnog Waffles. St. Pierre Bakery adds in 2/3 cup of eggnog into a dredge for St. Pierre’s waffles, adding a rich, noggy flavor to the dish. 

Click here for the full recipe.