Fall cocktails: Recipes to booze up the season

When the air gets a little crisp and the leaves adjust their color palette, you know fall is coming. Autumn is the season of dinner parties, and what better way to ring in the season than with a killer cocktail menu?

Celebrity caterer Andrea Correale, who is founder and president of Elegant Affairs, believes a well-coordinated cocktail menu is just as important as a dinner party’s food menu. “Going out your way to get that special glass or making that really special drink garnish makes all the difference in the world,” she said. “It’s all about the details.”

So what’s the secret to the best-tasting cocktail? Correale, whose clientele includes stars like Mariah Carey and Kevin Costner, said swapping simple syrups with sweeteners such as agave and honey will elevate the taste and quality of the cocktail. “The same goes for juices. Instead of mixing orange juice or pineapple juice, go for a natural, squeezed juice, even if it’s apple juice,” she said.

So put down the classic pumpkin spice latte and whip up some drinks either for friends or to wind down on a random weekday. Just trust us. These delicious cocktails, created by Correale, will remind you that the cool fall air is way better than the muggy summer.