Where to find frozen cocktails in NYC

Back in college, I spent a lot of time at Dallas BBQ drinking those huge frozen margaritas. You know, the ones with the extra shot in a test tube and side of self-loathing? I’m relieved to say that those days are behind me, but every once in a while, especially on super hot days, I do miss those massive ice-cold goblets. Luckily, some of the city’s hottest cocktail bars and restaurants offer elevated takes on the adult slushy.



Alta Linea


Start at this outdoor bar, which just opened at The Highline Hotel. The team behind this new Italian restaurant is full of all-stars from the Epicurean Group (they do NYC faves like L’Artusi and dell’anima). And Joe Campanale mans the bar, where you’ll find one of my favorite frosty bevs: a frozen negroni ($14). Ice-cold and slushy, it’s the perfect drink to sip while sitting outside. 180 10th Ave., 212-933-9735



Extra Fancy


The other day I happened upon two wonderfully slushy drinks here. Whether you’re coming for dinner or just to chill by the bar, I highly suggest you go for the Frozemonade ($10) yes, frozen rose lemonade or the frozen G&T ($12), blended with Hendrick’s, cucumber, lime and Quinetum cordial syrup. 302 Metropolitan Ave., Williamsburg, 347-422-0939 





I’ve always been a huge fan of the Dark and Stormy, mostly for the ginger, which does well to counteract my generally large food and drink intake. And at Glady’s, the bar offers a Dark N Slushie ($6) a classic mix of Gosling’s black rum, ginger and lime, but blended together Big Gulp-style. 788 Franklin Ave., Crown Heights, 718-622- 0249



Loopy Doopy


Sixteen stories above the street, with awesome views of the Statue of Liberty, this rooftop bar at The Conrad Hotel offers a whole new take on the frozen cocktail. Plopped into a glass of prosecco is a full booze-infused People’s Pop on a stick ($20). Flavors include raspberry-thyme with Stolichnaya vodka, blackberry-mint with Citadel gin, pear-vanilla with sake and more. If this is the slushy revolution, count me in. 102 North End Ave., 646-769-4250


Ariel Kanter is an editor at Gilt City.