Hillary Clinton has Joe’s Pizza delivered to fans awaiting her Barnes & Noble book signing

Hillary Clinton doesn’t let her fans go hungry. 

The former secretary of state had at least two boxes of Joe’s Pizza sent to New Yorkers lined up outside the Union Square Barnes & Noble on Monday night, the evening before she was scheduled to sign copies of her new memoir at the bookstore.

A picture posted to Twitter by Clinton staffer Greg Hale captured the recipients’ shock, as People magazine first noted. 

“Enjoy!” Clinton tweeted in response to a retweet of the photo. “See you all tomorrow!” (We’ve reached out to her team for further comment.)

Some were overjoyed to see the pies from Joe’s Pizza, a Greenwich Village pizzeria that’s been serving classic New York slices for over 37 years.

Aurora De Lucia, a fan who joined the line of roughly 10 people around 7:45 p.m., regrets missing the delivery while using the bookstore bathroom.

“When I came back out, they said, ‘You’ll never guess what happened,’ and I was like, ‘God dang it!'”

“Y’all I’m outside Barnes & Noble Union Sq waiting for @HillaryClinton’s signing 2mrw,” she wrote on Twitter. “AND HER STAFF DELIVERED PIZZA ‘FROM THE SECRETARY.'” 

The special delivery came the day before the release of Clinton’s new book, “What Happened,” which tells the story of the 2016 election and her loss to President Donald Trump. 

Hundreds of Clinton admirers packed into the Barnes & Noble at 33 E 17th St. on the morning of the book signing, too late to partake in the pizza.

“It was just like she was a gooddess on earth,” said De Lucia of Clinton’s appearance around Tuesday noon. “The room was electric.”

Another fan in line ahead of De Lucia thanked Clinton for the gesture of sending late-night eats, the editor at “The Daily Show” told amNewYork.

The one-time presidential hopeful said she was grateful her readers were willing to wait overnight, De Lucia said.

“I had to feed you,” said Clinton, according to De Lucia.